What is Cornerpredictions.com ?
Cornerpredictions.com represents a reliable forecasting service focused on football corner kicks. Although corner betting is a lesser known market, it offers a better value for betting and is thus becoming increasingly popular among recreational and professional punters alike. With careful, in-depth analysis we always strive to select the best valued corner picks from the daily betting card.

Which payment options do you accept ?
We accept PayPal, Skrill and Neteller. Please, use PayPal “Buy Now” button in the services and prices section.
For payments via Skrill and Neteller please use info@cornerpredictions.com as payment address.

How do I receive predictions ?
After the successful payment tips will be sent to your e-mail address provided via the respective payment method. In the case of long-term subscriptions, tips are released usually between 10am and 2pm UTC, but no later then one hour before the match start.

Which bookmakers should I use ?
Not every bookmaker offers corners for betting. Depending on the type of service you would like to use we have selected the most suitable bookmakers: please, see our detailed betting guide.

Why do odds change ?
As with every betting market it is possible that the odds lines sometimes change during the day. This is due to many various reasons – each bookmaker set his odds lines differently according to his own margins and booking rules. Even though corner market is a relatively stable market, the odds might do change occasionally although the variation shouldn’t be greater than 10-15 %.

What happens if a prediction is a loss ?
Purchasing single prediction: You will receive a replacement tip the next day. If this one happens to be a loss or void as well, you will keep receiving predictions until the tip is a winner. This is especially useful when applying Martingale betting strategy, however, due to high risk involved, we personally don’t recommend using this popular betting strategy.
For long-term subscriptions the replacement policy remains the same: after the end of subscription the sum of lost and/or void tips will be added up and replaced. This applies only to the lost and/or voided tips from the subscription and not for the already replaced tips.

Do you offer money management ?
Unfortunately, we don’t provide money management services to our clients.
However, you can check some great online articles in our links page which may help you to choose the right staking strategy.

More Questions ?
Please contact us and we will answer your inquiries as soon as possible.